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Scarlet Heart: Ryeo - Unfulfilled Love of Wang Wook & Hae Soo (REVIEW)

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WARNING! Spoiler contents!

Just finished watching Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (SHR) last year in the middle of December in just 3 days! I can’t stop watching because I couldn’t hold on my curiosity for the next episode! Lol. And here I am craving for Korean foods! :D

I remember that I was very excited to watch Scarlet Heart before the drama releases. And it's because Running Man promoting this drama by inviting the casts, Lee Jun-ki (Lee Joon-gi), Kang Ha-neul & Hong Jong-hyun. It must be epic! Lee Jun-ki is well-suited with the historical dramas. Just watch Iljimae (2008). It was epic and amazing! I love him portraying a king / empire / warrior / knight / protagonist. He's just rocking it! 

The drama ended on November 1st, 2016, that was actually the time when I started working after university convocation ceremony. Deliberately wanted to watch it later because for me, waiting is a kind of torture. A torture for heart. Haha. I don’t care if I’m outdated. I was listening to the soundtrack first before I triggered to watch the drama but believe me, I got so emotional when hearing those songs. Amazing! I have also heard many spoilers from the people close to me and by searching on the internet and forum/threads. Even now, I can’t move on! :D

One of my fav Korean foods: Dakgalbi

As we all know, Korea's production teams for movies & dramas are well known in making audiences bound and tied with emotions that the shows are trying to appeal. Not just the handsome and beautiful actors & actresses, the storyline, major plot twists! Plot twist is the most interesting thing in the drama that I like so much. It's just soooo DAEBAK! Haha. Beautiful cinematography is the added bonus for any K Dramas. I love how they shoot the scenes and how they zoom in to each character in every part of the show so that we can feel the emotions. Every Korean drama is unique, compelling and captivating. 

As for Scarlet Heart Ryeo, when I look at the teaser photo, the portrait of IU and the handsome princes, I was thinking of what kind of story that they want to emphasize. But I literally restrained myself from watching after it finished airing. I’m excited but I restrained myself! :P

Here's a slight review of the drama:

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Hangul달의 연인 - 보보경심 ; Hanja달의戀人-步步驚心 ; RRDar-ui yeon-in - Bobogyeongsim ryeo) is a South Korean television series based on the Chinese novel Bu Bu Jing Xin by Tong Hua. It aired from August 29, 2016 to November 1, 2016 on SBS every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 (KST) for 20 episodes.

Despite its ensemble cast, extensive publicity and US$13 million production budget, the series only averaged single-digit audience rating of 7.59% in South Korea and received criticisms for its screenplay, direction and performances. A commercial failure domestically, it drew a more favorable response in other parts Asia.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moon_Lovers:_Scarlet_Heart_Ryeo

It’s such a pity that a great drama like this one had lower audiences’ ratings from Korean but had extensive response in other countries in Asia especially in China and Malaysia. Pretty much underrated. Woohoo! Yes! I’ve seen many comments on Facebook saying that SHR is worth watching and they recommended it to me as well. I’m also aware that the drama was competing with Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds aka Love in the Moonlight (starring Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung) that is well accepted in Korea. Yoo Jung is growing up beautifully. I miss her child form in Iljimae (2008). :D

Synopsis: During a total solar eclipse, a 25-year-old in 21st century woman, Go Ha-jin (Lee Ji-eun, stage name: IU), is transported back in time to Goryeo Dynasty. She wakes up in the year 941, in the body of Hae Soo and there, she encounters the many royal princes of the ruling Wang family. She initially falls in love with the gentle and warm 8th Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha-neul), and later Wang So (Lee Joon-gi), the fearsome 4th Prince who hides his face behind a mask and is given the derogatory label "wolf dog". Meanwhile, rivalry and politics ensue among the princes, in a fight for the throne, as Hae Soo finds herself inadvertently caught between it all.

My younger sister once told me that the Chinese history is similar to Korean history about the drama. She said she surfed through the internet about the similarities between them and about Gwangjong. How diligent she was. Haha. But true indeed, SHR is based on history and the Korean production team was creatively producing the drama by adapting the Chinese novel. 

Ok, such a long intro. Actually, I want to focus on the beautiful yet unfulfilled love between 8th Prince Wang Wook & Hae Soo. This is the most appealing part in the drama at the beginning as they focus on a love story before Hae Soo meet Wang So. There is something special and magical about their relationship. 

I just love their romance, the way they stare at each other, the way how the prince smile at her and how she deals with the forbidden love they feel between both of them. Now I understand why many fans love to see the love interest between the heroine and the 2nd male lead actor despite with the first one. I understand it very well. People called it, 'Second Lead Syndrome'. Lol ;P

Why it's a forbidden love? The prince has already had a wife, Lady Hae (Myung Hee). And his wife is Hae Soo's cousin. Pretty much they are like siblings. And I can say that the prince is cheating by loving someone else. By the way, although it's a cheating, I still love to see their interaction. :P

“Soo, don’t be afraid. I brought you to this place. So, I will help you until the very end…” – Wang Wook (episode 1)

My analysis as to why the forbidden love occurs: 

The 8th Prince, Wang Wook has many worries stuck in his head as stated by his wife due to his duties as a prince. He holds big responsibility in running a household which puts him into a miserable life. Plus, his marriage with Lady Hae is not based on love. It's a one-sided love. It's a political marriage. There’s really no other explanation on how Lady Hae and the 8th Prince got married except the one that Lady Hae’s story and flashback to her husband when she is dying on ep 5. Then, Hae Soo with 'new' personality comes and brings joy to the household. She makes the prince smile and happy just by looking at her. And I think from there, the prince develops the feeling. 

But I can't deny that their sweet moments together are so captivating. In the meantime, Hae Soo has already encounters with the 4th Prince Wang So many times but their interactions are bad from the beginning. He even told Hae Soo to kill her and to not showing herself in front of him again. But there is Wang Wook, a gentleman who always comforting Hae Soo whenever she is in pain or pretty much feel annoying with Wang So’s behavior.  

But I can't deny that their sweet moments together are so captivating. In the meantime, Hae Soo has already encounters with the 4th Prince Wang So many times but their interactions are bad from the beginning. He even told Hae Soo to kill her and to not showing herself in front of him again. But there is Wang Wook, a gentleman who always comforting Hae Soo whenever she is in pain or pretty much feel annoying with Wang So’s behavior.  

Wang Wook helping Hae Soo to apply some medicine on her neck.

Wang Wook is smiling whenever he sees Hae Soo.

Who would resist such a kind & caring gentleman? Being a helping hand to others, that's the point as to why Hae Soo can't help it but to fall in love with him as well without her noticing it. But she realizes that she shouldn't have this feeling toward her cousin's husband. I bet any girls would fall for that which I think is dangerous if the man is already married. You don't want to ruin other's marriage, do you? 

Hae Soo's persistent denial to her feeling is pretty acceptable. Although it’s not too strong to oppose the feeling, but at least she has efforts in doing so. Wang Wook also writes Hae Soo a poem to deliver his feeling for her.

It’s funny that Hae Soo actually can’t understand the meaning of the poem. 14th prince Baek Ah & her cousin, Lady Hae know the symbolic of the poem. It’s about love! It’s kinda saddening and painful in Lady Hae’s perspectives.

‘My heart is wavering. I tell myself that I shouldn’t, but I’m being shaken…’ – Hae Soo (episode 4)

Lady Hae knows that she doesn’t have more time. She has serious illness which makes her cannot perform her duties as a wife. There she goes, literally died and the whole household mourning for her death.

People say that we will only appreciate what we have after they are gone. So does Wang Wook. He regrets it so much that he couldn’t tell his late wife that he loves her before she died. All this while he thought the feeling is just gratitude or comforting to each other. But then, he realizes that it’s more than that. It’s love. :’(


I kind of despise for marriage arrangement by family that is forcing someone to marry people they don’t like. It’s typical in any historical dramas that noble ladies/ princesses are forced to marry someone in other powerful clan / big family to gain power or strengthen the current position. It makes me sick with this situation. Haha. So it eventually happens to Hae Soo. All the princes are opposing this marriage thinking about her future although they all know that the man is their father, King Taejo. But then, there is only one option: only Hae Soo can save her own self. She determines her own fate. The cut that leaves scar in her wrist is the symbolic of her counteraction towards the unwilling marriage as a king’s wife cannot has any scar on her body. 

Wang Wook determined to take care of Hae Soo and gives her a love and affection he never gives to his late wife. He promises to get king’s permission to marry Hae Soo. I was such a happy person watching the closeness between them. Finally they will get married.

Of course, it’s not that easy! The king wants Hae Soo to be a slave in the palace as her punishment in opposing the royal marriage. But Ji Mong recommends to let her working as a court lady which is agreed by the king. It’s also a kind of punishment but a bit lighter than being a slave. We can see at the moment that the king is showing his tolerance. But I still don’t get it why he was so persistent to marry Hae Soo although there are many other ways to strengthen power/ stopping war recommended by the 4th Prince Wang So. :D

Wang Wook is burdened by his younger sister’s request (Princess Yeon Hwa) to become a king by marrying into other powerful family. Again. But he can’t endure for a second political marriage. Yes, it seems that Yeon Hwa is selfish and power hungry. Being in a royal family is quite tough right? You cannot do anything as you wish especially marriage. I think from here, the situation will get complicated. 

As time has passed, relationship between Hae Soo and Wang So is getting better and the love between Hae Soo and Wang Wook is getting stronger. Hae Soo and Wang So are close to become good friends. Advising each other about life and living. Wang So also tells her that palace is the place that is hard to enter, even harder to leave. Hae Soo is striving hard in the palace to be a good court lady even though she makes mistakes. Wang Wook also ask for Hae Soo’s endurance for the time being before she returns to where she belongs.

Awww so sweet! :D :D

The rain ritual led by Wang So is successful. Wang Wook told Hae Soo that the king will either hold a great feast, royal marriage or let a court lady leaves her services. The king wants to marry off 10th Prince Wang Eun to the daughter of Grand General Park, Lady Soon Deok. That will be a special event after the rain ritual. 

“When it snows again, let’s walk here. Just the two of us…” – Wang Wook
“I will wait…” – Hae Soo

Wang Wook feels worry as their hope to be together outside of Damiwon palace will not be coming true. But despites Wook’s worries, Hae Soo is optimistic that they will get another chance next time. But both are actually worry with their future. Seems like they won’t get a chance to be together again. 

“I love you…” – Wang Wook

There are a lot of hopes in the beginning for their relationship, but it got more complicated after certain serious circumstances occur.

Yeon Hwa (Wook’s younger sister), opposing the marriage between his brother and Hae Soo. It’s because if Wook is to marry Hae Soo, he will become an ordinary man. She wants Wook to be the next king to maintain the power and strong position in the palace to avoid the pressure of living in the palace. Thus, she becomes such a sly princess who will do anything. There goes Hae Soo’s life in the palace, she is convicted for an attempt to murder by poisoning Wang So and undergoes severe punishment in the jail. 

As Wook discovers that it was his sister’s wrongdoing, he couldn’t do anything but to protect his family especially his mother from being punish if his sister’s crime is revealed. It will lead to banishment and harsh punishment.

“From this point and on… Yeon Hwa, you’re not my sweet sister…” – Wang Wook said with heavily breathing. :’(

‘Why?’ – Hae Soo.
Literally, Wang Wook turns his back on her. Well actually, at least tell her something. Don’t leave her hanging! :D

In the middle of her struggling, there comes our hero stands by her at her most difficult situations when her 'lover' couldn't do anything at all. She stills hoping for Wook to help her. I couldn't help but frowning over their relationship which is ended tragically like that.  

Wook is crying out loud calling Hae Soo. He couldn’t treasure the person he loves the most and the promises he made to her all because of his evil sister. He has to let go of the feeling for the sake of his entire family. He loves Soo but he loves and cares more for his family. I cried heavily as I watched Court Lady Oh took the blame, sacrificed herself and died for Hae Soo in episode 11. 

There are so much conspiracies and political wars that put not even Hae Soo’s life in danger, but also the princes. As always, when they make a historical drama, the impact and consequences of the tragedies are too strong and sometime difficult to comprehend that even make us had a mental breakdown. Lol. :D

They are fighting between family members for only one thing; the throne! My innermost thought is that for a hope that Hae Soo and Wook can be together again in the future but that’s not the way the story goes, plus I’m not the director! Lol. Haha. And one thing for sure, even a good person initially can become such a mean one and ambitious when he/she is pressured by others. You have to be cruel in order to survive. I don’t really hate Wook. He is also a victim of circumstance. 

“Forget us. Forget everything. This life… is over.” - Wook's last words to Hae Soo. (Episode 19)

I never thought that I wrote such a long review for this. Haha. Hope you enjoy reading my writing about this ship. SHR fever is not end yet… at least as for me. Lol. Till next time. :D


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Ejen Ali: Beyond Expectation!

Assalammualaikum & Salam Sejahtera ;))

Ok, first of all. Tolong jangan kecam sis. Bukan budak je suka tengok Ejen Ali tau. Mak budak pun suka. Sis memang suka tengok kartun comey + smart gini. Hahaha 😍😜😉

*Eh tapi sis belum kahwin lagi tau. Hehe 

Ejen Ali Review

Setakat entri ni ditulis, baru ada 11 episod start bulan April hari tu, episod  12 bakal menyusul. Tak sabarrr. Mak aih dah berapa kali Jumaat, tapi episodnya baru sikit. Mungkin ada masalah kot or whatever the reasons. Baca komen2 orang kat FB Ejen Ali tu, dorang komplen dok ulang je, bila episod baru nak ada. Haha. 13 episod je. Sikit sangat. Huhu. Kesian siapa yang layan awal tu. But it doesn't matter. Sis pun kira layan awal jugak la sebab series ni belum tamat lagi. Tapi penantian tu satu penyeksaan... Huehuehue 😝😜

About Ejen Ali

Mengisahkan tentang seorang kanak-kanak berusia 12 tahun bernama Ali; yang kurang pandai dalam pelajaran, kurang kasih sayang dari keluarga (ayah sibuk kerja, mamanya dah meninggal dunia). Dan terjebak menjadi ejen rahsia MATA selepas dia secara tidak sengajanya mengaktifkan teknologi perisikan bernama IRIS di mana ia digunakan untuk mengoptimumkan pergerakan dan tindakan terbaik untuk si pemakainya dan untuk meramal pergerakan musuh. (Ok, sis suka plotline dia 👍)

Mula-mula fikir kenapa bagi nama Ejen Ali? Dah tu google punya google dapat la jawapannya. Director dia nak nama yang common kat Malaysia ni. Nama yang orang dok selalu sebut especially dalam buku teks sekolah. Haha. Ok. Make sense. Ali, Ahmad, kan popular nama tu kalau nak buat ayat contoh ke apa ke. Rindu pulak zaman sekolah. :P

Sebelum ni, sis pun ada tengok teaser Ejen Ali ni kat tv dulu. First impression ingat kartun omputih. Serius! Haha. Tapi last kat trailer tu tetiba muncul perkataan Ejen Ali. Woahh Malaysia punya rupanya. Mesti best. Macam BoboiBoy. Tapi BoboiBoy ni banyak lawak sengal je. Time lawan2 tu pun bukannya serius pun. Lawak lagi adalah. Haha. Sakit perut gelak kot. Ingat lagi adik sedara yang bukak youtube, sis pulak yang gelak over. Aduii. Tapi sis sebenarnya takde layan sangat pun Upin Ipin & BoboiBoy ni. Terjebak sekali tengok bila adik sedara yang sibuk nak tengok. So, I'm not a fan for both of them, but I enjoy watching them. BoboiBoy the Movie pun sis tak tengok. Rasa macam alah malas la. Hahaha

Cehhh. Jatuh cinta tengok part ni. Dalam hati cakap, wow comey + smart + hensem kartun kali ni. Haha. Mohon jangan kecam sis. Tapi.... lepas tu sis dah lupa dah kartun ni. Lagipun sis tak tengok tv sangat. So tak alert bila Ejen Ali ni start ditayangkan. 

Sis start layan bulan 10 ni la. Streaming / download. Tetiba rasa nak tengok. Ingat dah banyak episod dia. Start dari bulan 4 lagi kan. Teringat pulak hari tu ada tengok teaser dia. Sebabnya tertarik tengok Ejen Ali dengan rambut pacaknya tu. Hahaha. Once tengok episod 1, terus jatuh cinta. First time jatuh cinta dengan kartun Malaysia tau. Hahaha 😍

Dari sis punya perspektif, mostly kalau kita tengok citer pasal hero, agent, spy, detective and whatsoever, yang si ejen ni mesti intellengence dia tahap genius nak mampus kan. Tengok je la Big Hero 6, si Hiro tu genius gila. Hahaha. Graduated in high school at 13. 13 okay? 😝😜

Lain pulak dengan Ali, seorang budak yang kurang pandai dalam pelajaran, kurang disiplin (datang lambat ke sekolah) & seorang yang clumsy. Tapi baik hati & prihatin suka bantu orang. Mula2 sis tak letakkan harapan yang tinggi kat animasi ni, tapi bila tengok, best jugak. Better than Upin Ipin & BoboiBoy.👍


Cara dorang lawan pon nampak best & realistik. Tak kekok. Setaraf kartun animasi luar negara. 

Compare dengan Upin Ipin & BoboiBoy, Ejen Ali ni unik sikit. Nak cakap sesuaila untuk golongan dewasa tengok walaupun target audience dorang untuk budak belasan tahun dan ke bawah je. 

Makin lama makin best pulak Ejen Ali ni. Bila tengok episod 7 & I can say it's beyond expectation. Bukan setakat tipikal citer kartun biasa. Ada unsur misteri, sentimental & drama. Pandai jugak team production bermain dengan emosi penonton. Macam drama Korea tu. Syabas! Keep it up Wauriors! (Wau Animation)
Segala mak bapak abang kakak nenek budak suka tengok sekali tau. Syabas! 👏👏👏
Ok, over. Maafkan sis. Haha

Identiti rahsia; Uno. Bos Dos & Trez. Ramai buat analisa bahawa bos jahat ni ada kaitan dengan MATA dulu. Mungkin nak balas dendam? Refer episod 7... :D

Cara budak & orang dewasa tengok kartun berbeza. Budak2 tengok sebab nak seronok2. Tapi orang dewasa tengok dengan penuh penghayatan kot. Tak tipu! Macam sis la. Hahaha. Sis suka analisa plot & storyline sesuatu cerita tu walaupun citer budak2 sekalipun. Even kesalahan kat setiap scene pun sis perasan tau. Contoh, scene kat rumah Ali (ep 4). Perhatikan. Hehe

Nampak tak? :P
*** Continuity mistake :P

Maybe sebab sis dah biasa tengok movie sins. Selalu citer Hollywood yang buat ni untuk movie2 dorang. Tengok kat youtube. Banyak. Just for fun ok! Take it easy. Depa kata, no movies without sins. That's true. Hahaha. Bukan sengaja nak cari kesalahan dalam scene tu pun, cuma dah ternampak. Jadi saja share. Hihi. Sis tau animation ni bukannya senang nak buat apalagi yang berkualiti macam Ejen Ali. Makan masa. 😉

One more thing, start from episode 3, I smell love & sweetness. Ececece. Love? Oh yea antara Ali & Alicia tu ha. Ali cia cia cia (nampak orang komen macam tu kat FB). Hahaha. Walaupun dorang asyik gaduh je, tapi nampak jugak la sweetnya kat situ. Ececece. Why not kan? Ala tak payah buat dorang bercinta, just suka dalam diam pun dah ok. Lagi sweet kalau gitu. Dalam episod 7 tu, tengok macam teruk je Ali & Alicia gaduh. So intense! Stress pulak sis tengok. Haha

Kan dah kena tumbuk! :P :D

Tapi scene last tu macam sweet je Ali selamatkan Alicia. Start from there, they started to develop a good relationship. Ali cia cia cia. Haha 😜😉

Haha. Kesian. Dah tolong selamatkan Alicia tapi balasannya kena tumbuk lagi. It's because Alicia doesn't want to show her fragile side to Alicia. :P :D

Yang paling tak tahan bila Viktor (kawan baik Ali) bagi nasihat kat Ali yang kaum lelaki ni kena sentiasa tolak ansur dengan kaum wanita. Tak bersalah pun kena mintak maaf. Mak aihh. Hamboihh dewasa sangat pemikiran tu. Sedarlah kau baru 12 tahun kot. Hahaha. Tak pun, saja nak perli sebab ada phrase yang mengatakan, Women are always right. Kan? 😂😂😂

Episod 8 tu banyak throwback episod lepas2 je. Episod 9 best. Selama ni kan Ali tu seorang ejen yang clumsy, kelam kabut, tak dengar arahan. Episod kali ni, Ali berjaya jumpa potensi dia yang sebenar. 

IRIS Override Mode

Tak tahan time Ali nak bagi lollipop kat Ejen Rizwan tu. Tapi kena reject. Haha. Comey je. Part Ali ikut style Ejen Rizwan dengan lollipop pun lawak! 😂😂😂

Banyak kali Ali gagal nak optimumkan penggunaan IRIS, tapi lepas dah berlatih betul2 dengan Ejen Rizwan, dia dah improve. Tapi nampaknya Ejen Rizwan macam ada agenda lain je. Mungkin dia nak pergunakan Ali untuk kepentingan dia sendiri. Alicia terus berubah perangai: jadi pendiam & tak nak ambil tau pasal misi lagi. Tapi dia ada bagi amaran kat Ali supaya  berjaga2 dengan Ejen Rizwan tu. Something fishy there.

Possibily there is connection between what Ejen Bakar has said ealier to Ali, the Inviso leader who was left behind is Ejen Rizwan's mentor, that's the reason he becomes a cold-hearted person and maybe he wants to get revenge on behalf of his mentor (we already suspect that he is the culprit)

Ali literally improves a lot! He even activates IRIS Override Mode! Where he doesn't just can predict & calculate his action & the enemies, but also can hack & control the movement of his surroundings via IRIS. But maybe it only works when he is in a emergency state! He couldn't switch on the tv. Haha. Finally, Ali & IRIS are meant together.

Jenny also said maybe the activation of Override Mode is the reason why the project is terminated. Too dangerous if it falls on to the wrong hands. Haa hambik. English terus. :P

Episod 11 (tarikh tayang, 06 Jan 2017) makin suspense dengan tertangkapnya Bakar (suspek curi data IRIS) dan kemunculan Uno. Seriously, Ejen Ali memang animasi terbaik buatan Malaysia. Macam yang Sis mention kat atas, Ejen Ali ni sesuai untuk semua golongan umur. Bukan takat budak2 je. Haha. Nervous jugak la tengok animasi ni macam Sis tengok drama Korea. Ala2 Detective Conan pun ada jugak ni. Tapi baru2 ni Sis tengok  Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare Aduh! Tak best langsung. Siapa yang tengok kat wayang tu memang rugi la. Serious cakap tak best! Huhu

Tak sabar nak tengok episod 12 hari ni, 13 Jan 2017! Nervous ni! :D

Ok, setakat ni je la review. Huehuehue. Till next time. :)